course curriculum

spring and summer of 2019

Throwing (springtime)

Monday 17 to Friday 21 June 2019

For beginners and advanced
Teacher: Kees Agterberg

Throwing on the potters’ wheel is the central objective during this week.
Part of the work will also be glazed and the week will finish with a reduction firing.

Throwing and hand-building (summer)

Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August 2019

For beginners and advanced
Teacher: Kees Agterberg

In addition to throwing on the potter’s wheel, there is space and guidance for those who would like to build by hand. This week will also be concluded with a reduction firing.

During the course weeks we will be working with the very plastic stoneware clay Grés.

Beginners learn the basic techniques of how to prepare, center and pull up the clay – as well as finishing the pieces by trimming. The bowl shape and the cylinder will be the starting points.

With advanced students we’ll discuss and develop new techniques and we’ll work, for example, on composite shapes such as jugs, teapots, jars with lids.