Kees Agterberg

Kees Agterberg graduated from the arts academies of Utrecht and Amsterdam. He evolved into an experienced ceramist and ceramics teacher.
In addition to designing and throwing functional ware on the potter’s wheel, he has in recent years increasingly focused on modelling – hand building – free forms. From small sculptures to monumental.
From the first moment he got to know Portugal he was hugely impressed by the country. Since then he has regularly taught and worked in different workshops.



Willibrord BörgerWillibrord Börger

Early on, after graduating from the Pedagogical department in 1976, Willibrord discovered clay. He has been working professionally with this material to this day. He is an experienced teacher and has trained several ceramists. Pottery Vogelpot (transl. Bird pot), originated in a wharf cellar in Utrecht and now located in Maurik, is the place where he works on a day-to-day basis. He is an all-round potter specialised in throwing techniques.



Nellie van der KnaapNelly van der Knaap

Nelly van der Knaap is self-taught; she took ceramics lessons with various well-known ceramists at home and abroad.
She has devoted herself to making functional ceramics; porcelain clay is the material she works with. Porcelain because of the challenge of the difficult processing of the clay due to its low plasticity, because of the transparency (thin-walled turned means translucent) but also because of the bright decoration possibilities.
Her work is exhibited and sold in various well-known galleries and museum shops in the Netherlands.

www.nellyvanderknaap.nl / www.atelieraandewerf.nl / www.galeriezone.nl